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Rishikesh Ashram where “The Beatles” stayed, is to reopen soon

Ashram of spiritual guru Maharaishi Mahesh Yogi situated at Rishikesh, where the English Rock band “The Beatles” stayed in 1968 is to reopen soon.

Unused for many years after the lease of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi expired in 2008, the ashram where legendary rock stars John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star stayed for an advanced Transcendental meditation training session is soon to became  eco-tourism destination and pilgrimage place for Beatles fans.


With an amazingly brand new look , the place may also be used for bird watching and nature walks.

The bungalow of Mahesh Yogi, where the Beatles stars learnt (TM) meditation, would be a major attraction for the fans. The walls have been covered in graffiti on Beatles and Mahesh Yogi to remind the visitors of  importance of the place.

The decision has been taken by Uttrakhand Forest Department to boost Uttrakhand tourism. Uttarakhand Forest Minister Dinesh Aggarwal is expected to reopen the ashram on December 8 2015.

“The final preparations are on to open the ashram for tourists. Initially, bird watching and nature walks will be introduced,” said Rajendra Nautiyal, Forest Ranger of the area.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was allocated 15 acre of the forest land near Rishikesh for his ashram in 1961. He rose to international fame after the Beatles tour of India and when the rock stars and friends joined him for learning meditation.


The Beatles wrote many songs during their visit to Rishikesh: 30 by one count, and “48 songs in seven weeks” by others.

 “We wrote about thirty new songs between us. Paul must have done about a dozen. George says he’s got six, and I wrote fifteen” – Lennon

Many of the songs became part of the album The Beatles (aka “the White Album”), while others appeared on Abbey Road, and solo records. Several of the songs contained Eastern musical influences.

Source : Tribune India