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Roger and Rafael Neck to Neck

Roger Federer who is playing for the UAE Royals and Rafael Nadal who is playing for the Indian Aces in the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) are going to have a face off in Delhi. The two players Roger and Rafael are playing neck to neck.

The two fabulous players have had a contrasting 2015 season as Federer has been making great achievements until yet and Nadal had faced some injuries along with a failure in single Major Title.

Tennis fans are to have a great time watching this rivalry, as both the seeds are legendary and no less than anyone. Nadal won the 18th Grand Slam Title and Federer made to the finals of US open and Wimbledon.

Nadal- Federer matches have always been epic. Somehow, these two achieve to grab all the attention whenever they play against each other and make their match a classic that one can’t forget for days.

Roger-Rafael against each other.
Roger-Rafael against each other.

When Nadal was asked questions about how excited he was about playing against Federer, he said

“The rivalry with Roger has been great for a lot of years and we hope to keep playing some good matches. And it will be a great scenario here in India with a lot of fans when I play against him”

Until last year, Federer played for the Indian Aces which this year got switched by Nadal. Even though this year Federer wil be ranked no.3 and Nadal at no.4 , they are accepted to give a memorable game show for the viewers.

“I’m going to try my best – I don’t know if it’s going to be a good set or not, but I will try my best, Well anything can happen, We are playing indoors, which he likes a lot, and playing quick in the IPTL – he likes to play quicker than me!” added Nadal.

Everyone is waiting desperately for the match between these two, and we wish them great luck !!!!

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