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Samsung beats Apple in the Smartphone market

In the first quarter of this year, Samsung sales have increased phenomenally and it managed to overtake Apple in the ‘Worldwide Smartphone market’. According to the research group IDC, Samsung sold 82.4 million smartphones in the first three months of the 2015, for a 24.5 percent market share whereas Apple could sell 61.2 million iPhones for ~18% market share.

Courtesy: Textually
Courtesy: Textually

The key reason for the trend is the gaining popularity of Samsung smartphones in the emerging markets apart from seasonal and other factors.

Some of the other reasons which are cited behind Samsung’s success includes its Slim design with large display and its promise to deliver consumer value. The company has often shown real value in its smartphones unlike an Apple which still manages to charge a bit more – as its brand premium. It is often observed that Apple fans are ready to pay this premium, for the age old association with the product and I can’t agree more because I am part of the same group:)

But which one will be your pic for the season?

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