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Such a Shame: Doctor beaten up to death for asking some road sense

What’s wrong with our country and the rowdy youth? Nowadays people are not safe in their own houses. In a shocking incident at Vikaspuri, Delhi; a 42-year old dentist was dragged out of his house and beaten up to death by a mob from nearby slum area.

The incident took place on Wed (23rd Mar) when the family including Dr. Pankaj Narang (victim) and his 8 year old son (Aditya) were playing cricket in the house to celebrate India’s cricket victory over Bangladesh.

Dentist Dr. Narang
Dentist Dr. Narang

The ball rolled over on the other side of the lane and Aditya ran out to pick it up when two youths (including Nasir – the accused) passing by rashly on a Bajaj Pulsar bike brushed against Narang who was with the child. This led to an argument and a physical confrontation. The situation was, however, defused when his brother-in-law, Vikas Sethi, intervened and resolved the matter.

All that the family was asking them was to drive carefully which led to an argument and a fracas.

According to the neighbors, in the next half an hour i.e 12.15 am

Nasir returned with a mob of 25-30 people and started pelting stones at Narang’s house. When Narang and Sethi rushed out, Nasir and his friends dragged them out of the gate and started thrashing them brutally. Eyewitnesses said they were dragged for over 50 metres and assaulted all the while with cricket bats, hockey sticks and iron rods until both of them fell unconscious. The youths then threatened the family members and left.


Nasir and a juvenile who had led the attack were held within 24 hours of the incident. Nasir’s mother, Mayassar, who had instigated the mob along with his brother, Amir, and friends Ameer and Gopal were arrested soon after. A case under sections related to murder, trespassing, rioting and common intention has been registered against all the accused.

Sethi, according to family members, was visiting Narang for Holi. “We never imagined that things would turn out like this for the family.”

Imagine the sufferings of this family, due to this unexpected incident of rage and anger. There needs to be a very tough lesson for the accused, to set a right example for the future.

Our condolences are with the family of the deceased.