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Shaytards – Meet an amazing Youtube Family on Internet

What we all have in common is that we all love our family. Shaycarl Butler (also known as Shay) is one such person who just did that and made living out of it. He was a common man who used to install granite counter-tops to make his living and feed his family. After the launch of YouTube a popular video sharing platform he decided to make videos about him and his family every day on Youtube. The idea might look simple, but required a lot of commitment, and Shay had just all that and even more.


By creating a YouTube channel called Shaytards, where he would post daily videos of his ongoing life. People loved his sense of humor and the way he gave internet names to each of his family member (with a suffix – tards).


He collaborated with YouTube’rs like Kassem G, HiImRawn, and few others to start a company called Maker’s Studio, which lately was purchased by Disney for a hefty sum. Its crazy that he did all while fighting with obesity and one day he decided to start ShayLoss to loose weight and inspire others to do so as well.


Moreover, Shay and his family recently started Trixin clothing, to cater the growing needs of YouTube fans. Using Social Media platform to connect with their fans, they have been able to attract a lot of audience towards Trixin brand.

Thank you Shay, for spreading love and family values over a sometimes cynical place called internet. You have been a teacher, preacher, motivator and inspiration to so many on the internet. Its a great achievement which can’t be comprehended in words.

May God bless you and your beautiful family!!