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Smriti Irani rejects demand to waive off Student’s Punishment

We have already observed the dramatics unfolding in the Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU) during last few months. The kind of atmosphere created in the premise of university was totally uncalled for. University is a place to gain knowledge and earn degrees, it’s not a place meant to be involved in petty politics and gain mileage.

Now the matter is in the hands of University administration, they have called for punishments to some students and rusticated a few individuals after their inquiry and investigation. Couple of days ago in upper house of the parliament (Rajya sabha) during debate Congress Member Anand Bhaskar Rapolu said:

The students were looking at Irani’s magnanimity to waive off punishments and rustication of students in various universities.


Smriti Irani, Union Human Resource Development minister sternly rejected this demand for Waiving off punishments meted out to students in universities, terming it a pandora box and saying that these institutions have been granted autonomy to handle administration matters.

Irani’s reply in Rajya sabha came in context of action taken by JNU administration against Kanhaiya Kumar and some other students in connection of February 9 campus proceedings recently.

She further stated that as a Minister she is just answerable to Parliament and Parliament doesn’t permit any intervention in the administrative matter of the University.

It is a very sensitive matter, taking names and slapping individual charges against individuals is not going to serve any purpose. This whole chain of events need to be viewed with totally different perspective. Sensing chaos and ray of light opposition joined the chorus and start protesting along the students. They have converted this all hype and hoopla into a somersault.

In my opinion autonomy of institutions like Universities have to be maintained for free and fair functioning of these institutions. Administrative autonomy of Universities have to be respected at all costs so they can impart their primary duty of providing education to the students with utmost sincerity. Everybody has to react and behave in responsible manner for the betterment of Universities.

Source: The Times of India