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Sonu Nigam Finally met the boy who gave him “12 Rupees”!

Sonu Nigam finally met the boy who has touched him so deep with his humane gesture that he had framed these 12 rupees and kept this as a memento in his cupboard with all the awards he had received over the years. This special gesture itself shows the real worth of those twelve rupees in the eyes of our beloved Sonu nigam.

The Boy an ex FSL employee Sharbaaz Ali Sayyed who has a heart of a gold, a kind-hearted fellow who was the only person in the crowd gave some money to that needy homeless singer at that particular place on that fateful day when Sonu Nigam disguised as a ragged street singer.

Sonu Nigam also said that Sharbaaz was the only person to give some money in form of a little assistance to that beleaguered old man on the street of Juhu. That is the only reason Sonu Nigam was extremely impressed with this youngster and wanted to meet him.

Being Indian found this generous guy and planned a face to face encounter of Sharbaaz Ali Sayyed with Sonu Nigam, in between they asked Sonu to go live on their page, brought Sharbaaz to the studio to give him an ultimate surprise by formally introducing Sharbaaz Ali to Sonu Nigam.

Sharbaaz was absolutely clueless and amazed, he hugged Sonu Nigam so tight, his emotions were running very high. To get the real feel of that nostalgia go through this interesting video and check yourself :

Source: NDTV.COM