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SRK detained at the US airport, yet again! Is it still not a ‘Racial Profiling’?

On Friday, 12th Aug 2016, the Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan was yet again detained at one of the Unites States airport, which happens to be the third time in a row. This would seem annoying to anybody of his stature, but the question is: Is this America’s way to take out anger on a Particular Race?

Though, it is still not clear why Khan was detained, or for how long but the actor has shared his disappointment through social media channel:


His comment had been retweeted more than 10,000 times and favorited more than 18,000 times by Friday evening. As news of Khan’s third detention in the U.S broke in India, his fans took to social media under the hashtag #ShahRukhKhan to vent their frustrations.

The US ambassador to India has apologised for the detention and said authorities were working to ensure it did not happen again.

In 2012, Khan was detained for 90 minutes at the White Plains airport near New York.

In 2009, he was stopped for two hours at Newark airport. He was released after India’s embassy intervened.

Every time after the detention, the Indian Embassy had to intervene to get Khan out of the trouble.

To me, this looks absolutely bizarre especially for the common man, who can’t afford to have contacts with the Indian Embassy. Just by carrying a certain name or belonging to certain caste should not hold one back from leading a normal civilian life. SRK is a superstar and it was just a few hours of trouble that he faced.

Now just imagine situation of any other Muslim Indian or Pakistani original, who would have to face this embarrassment at the time of entering the US. Not justified at all!

It’s better not to issue a US visa to the suspects rather than detaining them at the airport, at the time of entry. US Anti-terrorist Authorities: Time for some real work!