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Standing Desks at Workplace is the New Phenomenon

To boost productivity amongst employees and increase their health score, many corporates are making way to a ‘standing desks’ solutions at the workplace. As a result, it also improves the companies profitability – a win win for all.

No, you don’t have to stand all day long :p. Standing desks are basically adjustable workstations – those in which the worker could raise or lower the desk to stand or sit as they wished throughout the day.

According to a study conducted by a School of Public Health in US : the productivity differences between two groups of call center employees over the course of six months was very different.

It found out that those with stand-capable workstations were about 46% more productive than those with traditional, seated desk configurations. Productivity was measured by how many successful calls workers completed per hour at work. Workers in the stand-capable desks sat for about 1.6 hours less per day than the seated desk workers.

Karen and Eliot are testing out standing workstations to help engage their core. Work and gym? pic.twitter.com/33XhdspheS

— RCEWaterResourcesPgm (@RCEWRP) May 24, 2016

This might a more recent change in India and other South East Asian countries but with the experience and results from the Western countries – it seems to be an idea worth trying. Corporates might be lookign at the high set up cost of the tables but that all offset’s given the higher productivity and better workers health.

Every change takes time to be accepted; and healthy change might take even longer! But worth it.

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