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Status like a “NATO Ally” to India by the United States?

Bonhomie between India and United States is there to see by everybody now a days. Whether Proposed Speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in US Congress or a resolution containing the status like a “NATO ALLY” to India. A resolution has been introduced in the US Congress ahead of US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter’s India visit.

This bill was sponsored by George Holding co-chair of House India Caucus, the US India Defence Technology and Partnership Act (HR4825). This proposed amendment Arms export control Act would bring India on par as major partners as America’s Treaty Allies and Closest Partners.

“This legislation will cement the process that has already been made and will lay the foundation for future co-operation and growth,” holding told the US House of representatives.

This proposed legislation is expected to be passed in the House of representatives of US Congress then it will be sent to White House for President Obama to sign it before it becomes a Law. This will allow US defence establishments and Companies to ink trade deals of sensitive and sophisticated technology transfers without much delay. It will also facilitate the joint operations at the places of :

  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Disaster management and relief
  • Counter Piracy and
  • Maritime Domain Assistance


This legislation is a very powerful tool of strategic partnership in the field of Defence because it will give way to a dedicated branch to focus and facilitate the transfer of defence technology to bolster the striking capability of India as a partner in joint future operations. It also urges Pentagon to have a specially dedicated office for the US India defence technology and trade initiative.

This move has been hailed by the US India Business Council. It will open up the completely different territory for Indian Defence establishment to procure advanced arms and ammunition. Post cold war era the business and trade relations between the two countries were quite cordial but in absence of any such pact or act in the area of defence technology the mutual trust as a strategic partner was never realized to its full potential.

Some public reaction through tweets:

But after signing the Nuclear Deal with India these inhibitions are going down the hill over the years, now the US is talking about inclusion of India as a member of Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSG). Recently this resolution of privileged partner has been introduced which has the support of foreign affairs committee and House India Caucus, that is the reason it has bright chances of making it to Defence Authorization Bill.

Source: The times of India