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Story of this 17 year old girl from Mumbai is a true INSPIRATION !

If one remains true to his spirit and does his work with ultimate dedication and devotion, nothing in this world can stop him to achieve higher echelons. A seventeen year old-young girl Malvika Rai Joshi, from Mumbai proved it beyond an iota of doubt by getting admission into one of the most sought after institutes of the world Massachusetts Institutes Of Technology (MIT) on the basis of Sheer Merit.

After dropping out from her school in class VII, She earned the chance from MIT to pursue her BSc. degree due to her distinguished distinction of a three-time medal winner at International Olympiad of Informatics. Can you think of somebody not having a class X or XII certificate still got into a college.

Not just a college but Premier Institute like MIT, it was due to her conviction, courage and self belief and above all her super special skills and extraordinary talent of computer programming and mathematics.

In this particular case not only the girl but her mother was also an important aspect of this inspiring tale of out of the box thinking where an individual decides not to take the beaten path by completely changing the norms of the game.

young girl
Malvika Rai Joshi

It was the confidence and perseverance of the mother who just wanted her children to be in a happy state of mind first instead of grinding them in the intense heat of commercialization and overburdening curriculums of our schooling system which are not proving to be happy hunting grounds for our young budding talents.

She took a great risk by unshooling her and started giving her classroom like simulation at her home which allowed this young girl to pursue the subjects of her own interests, it generated a completely free atmosphere where one can learn without any fears and pressures simultaneously feeling joyful and satisfactory.

This pragmatic approach paved the way for learning and training in the subjects of her deep interests with lot more purpose and precision resulting in enhanced abilities with complete ease. Due to this kind of conducive atmosphere where learning becomes a fun she won those three medals at International Olympiad of Informatics, ultimately proved out her stepping stone.

Source : Mashable