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Ten Events That Almost Caused A World War 3

War has been a regular part of our human history for centuries. The beginning of the 20th century was especially difficult as World War I started not too long after and before the world could recover from that terrible war, World War II was already starting.

Clearly, conflict is a natural part of our existence, but it is the way that man has handled the conflict that has led to the world being at war with each other.

In today’s circumstances, a world war is absolutely terrifying with the addition of nuclear threats looming over the world every day.

The United States was able to get Japan to surrender back during World-War II by bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now that more countries have obtained the power of the atomic bomb, there’s no telling what could happen with conflicting countries throwing bombs at each other.

In this video, those dangerous events are listed that almost started the War 3. From botched international relations to computer glitches, these close calls are especially unsettling because they could be happening at any moment.

Hopefully, World War 3 is nothing more than a conspiracy theorists nightmare and just a myth, because this is a war that could destroy the world and end millions of lives.

Check out this amazing video by TheRichest, listing 10 of the most shocking vvents that almost caused a World War :