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Terror Strikes Africa: Mali announces State of Emergency

On the morning of 20 November 2015, Friday, Heavily armed militants stormed Radisson Blu hotel, shooting aimlessly and taking around 170 hotages for hours in Mali’s capital city, Bamko. Malian, French and U.N. security forces launched a rescue operation and rescued guests away.

Gunmen stormed Malian hotel at the time of breakfast, bypassing gate security by using a car with fake diplomatic plates, witnesses said.

“These people started shooting. They were shooting at everybody without asking a single question. They were shooting at anything that moved,”Tamba Couye said of the attack at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako.

Militants seized hundreds of people for hours, before Malian and U.N. security forces surrounded the hotel and launched a counterstrike.

By the time the assault ended, bodies were scattered across the floors of the Radisson Blu Hotel.At least 19 people were killed and many recieved injuries in the attack, the U.N. said.Two militants were killed by security forces.The United Nations said two or three gunmen attacked the hotel.


The Radisson Blu Hotel was hosting delegations attending peace talks which began Thursady 19 November, 2015.Diplomats from all around the globe and airline employess were present at the hotel at the time of the attack.

Maongi Hamdi, Head of the U.N. Mission in Mali, told the meeting could be the possible reason for the attack.

“I think this attack has been perpetrated by negative forces, terrorists, who do not want to see peace in Mali,” Hamdi said.

Islamist militant group Al Mourabitoun claimed it carried out the attack together with al Qaeda, sources said.

According to sources, attack was retaliation for government aggression in northern Mali,The group also demanded the release of prisoners in France. Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita announced the state of emergency for 10 days, as well as three days of national mourning.

Unfortunate to see such human tragedy with innocent lives being at stake! May God give the wisdom to such “terrorist” minds – that bloodshed can never be an answer to fulfill unwanted wishes. There needs to be a FULL STOP to such outrageous actions else this will be an unending ‘human’ to ‘human’ war.

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