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Thank you Mom! I Love you..

Dear Mom,

Thank You For Your Unconditional Love And Friendship: You are my best friend and you have always been. You know my entire life story, even without my sharing it. You have celebrated my highs and comforted me at times when life became a little tough. Not to mention, you have shown me how to love myself and to love others.

Thank You For Showing Me Grace When I didn’t Deserve It: Perhaps it is easier for me to take my frustrations out on you than anyone else in this world because you love me limitless and unconditionally. There were times when I was rude, selfish and unkind. Still, you loved me anyway, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Thank You For Giving Me Everything: From supporting me emotionally through my awkward middle school days, to sacrificing your personal time, you have sacrificed so much in order to give me a better life.

Thank You For Always Believing In Me: Life has been difficult and there have been times when I’ve felt like giving up, when things were not going my way. Each time, you were there to remind me of my worth as a human being.

As I get older, I realize more and more how much you have done for me and continue to do every day.

Thank you for everything!

Always your’s


This Mother’s Day, thank your “Mom” for being the best on the planet. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! [10 May]. It is this one day out of the year, we have the beautiful opportunity to give back to the special person who has given us so much.

If you can relate to the feelings expressed in this letter then do share this article to show gratitude and tell your mom how much you love her – in a special way!