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Does photo editing apps brings out a better you or a stranger in you?

Ever wonder about changing your looks or getting a makeover done? How about cutting off that extra flab from your waistline or¬†from your cheesy cheeks? Of course, to do it in real life will take you a lot however it is all possible instantly in the virtual world ūüėČ

Apps like FaceTune (available both on iOS and Android) enables digital modification of your bodies such as heavy women can make themselves appear skinny or vice versa. In a social experiment, a group of women tried this app to alter their bodies. Check our their reactions in the video below:

It is a real surprise to see¬†the power of technology, however not many women¬†liked¬†changing their real-selves. According to a few participants, it is not easy to relate to their own¬†bodies¬†with this kind of a change.¬†They feel that it is just a¬†product of immense cultural and social expectations and the new version¬†is a complete “stranger”.¬†However, some of them really liked to see and show their better sides (what if its just virtual).

I would like to know, what do you think about these advancements? Do you think that using such techniques to change your appearance enhances your personality or you feel that it just gives you a fake identity? Do share your views with us.