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The Real Truth behind Jasleen Kaur – Sarvjeet case!

Picture this : A girl [Jasleen Kaur] posts a random photo of a guy [Sarvjeet] on Facebook, calls him a Pervert and puts allegation that he tried to break traffic rules, went ahead and abused her, and even used obscene language on the road. (No further evidence was provided by anybody)

Jasleen Kaur FB post
Jasleen Kaur FB post

What happens next?

  • This spreads like a viral on social networking site
  • The self acclaimed victim, the girl, gains all the sympathy and appreciation
  • The guy gets bashed up for everything that he is blamed for, his public image is certainly ruined for life
  • And the entire nation went crazy for few days on this Delhi Eve-Teasing Case
  • Important catch: No one knows what the truth is, but we all are judges of our own court and we, the people, unanimously declared the girl to be innocent victim and guy to be the pervert offender

How fair is that? How justified is it to let down a person for LIFE, for he is a GUY? (in absence of any concrete evidence)

Further, there was an FIR complaint against the guy and his name has been filed in criminal records. Even if his case gets all clear, he will always have to present this declaration in all the formal applications including Visa processing and any new job posting. Really, it is a bigger screw up than what it looks like!

And later on, when the guy got bail, he got the chance to present himself on social media platform through his FB post:

Sarvjeet FB post
Sarvjeet FB post

In addition, the media also spotted an eye witness who now puts across the other side of the story. Vishwajeet Jha, a middle aged man, claimed that he was on the spot when the entire incident unfolded, and informed that it had just been a small fight between two impatient youngsters, and there was no molestation or obscenity involved.

…..So now the story for the entire country changes and we, the people, “now support the truth, and not any gender”!

BUT no one still knows what the truth is, and we still can’t judge who is right who is wrong.

My concern is that, why are we all always in a hurry to jump on conclusions? Can’t we sit back and wait for a moment to get the other side of the story as well? May be the guy also has his side to say or may be he is not right but atleast we need to hear him out. And then let the police/court and authorities decide if he deserves the punishment.

This kind of incidents are not just creating problems for guys like Sarvjeet, whose social image has been trashed for ever, but also for girls who may face a serious issue and later on may not be taken up so seriously or may not get as much attention as they deserve.

Such as a mockery of this incident in the picture below:

Girls making comments_funny
Girls making comments_funny

The real truth is that, there is a weird women-empowerment wave that seems to have engulfed the nation. Don’t get me wrong, being a women myself I believe there must be equality of the sexes. Women who are exploited and not given equal rights, must be empowered. But everyone seems to be doing what’s easy rather than what’s needed. There is a growing need to look at the bigger and complete picture to get the justice for the innocent and put across right (unbaised) lessons for generations to come!

Source: India.com, Galaxy Reporter