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This Instagram Artist Fuses Pop Culture Into Everyday Life

Artistry and pop culture is everywhere, and sometimes it’s just as simple to fuse it into your everyday life as using two cell phones and some data. French artist Francois Dourlen does exactly that with his inventiveInstagram series of photos that puts famous characters in everyday life.

Check out the gallery below, and check out Francois’ Instagram right here:

PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_1 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_2 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_3 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_4 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_5 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_6 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_7 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_8 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_9 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_10 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_11 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_12 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_13 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_14 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_16 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_17 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_18 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_19 PopCultureIntoEverydayLife_20