home Business, Education This NRI kid developed a Search Engine which is ~50% more powerful than the ‘Google’ God

This NRI kid developed a Search Engine which is ~50% more powerful than the ‘Google’ God

Anmol Tukrel, 16 years old, Indian origin and Canadian citizen, has developed a web based personalised search engine which he claims to be ~50% more accurate than Google, and about 21% more accurate on an average. Unbelievable! isn’t it?

He claims that his search engine is better because not only does it take into account location or browsing history but also tries to understand context and meaning of the search. As a result, the initial testing of the software with news article appearing on The New York Times provided more accurate results than Google.

Anmol is just a 10th standard kid, but with his sheer handwork and confidence, he has given a head-on challenge to the web God ‘Google’. He has taken around 60 hours code and built a search engine, which is a part of the submission to the ‘Google Science Fair’. The Google competition is applicable for those between ages 13 and 18.


As part of the competition, his development kit included only a computer with at least 1GB of free storage space, a python-language development environment, a spreadsheet program and access to Google and New York Times.

Surprisingly, Anmol learned to code in Class 3 and since then has been keen to take on computer sciences as part of his curriculum. He also runs a company called Tacocat Computers and wants to study computer science at Stanford University.

If this search engine works over large chunks of data, it might be quite a game-changer! Good Luck with your search Anmol.

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