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This Super guy running ‘Super30’ now honored in Canada, for his commendable job!

It is a matter of pride for the nation that Super30 founder and mathematician Anand Kumar has been honoured in Canada for his pioneering work in the field of education. The award is in recognition of his work through globally acclaimed Super30, for mentoring 30 students mostly from the underprivileged sections of the society, for IIT’s entrance exams – free of cost for the last 14 years.

The British Columbia Government had invited Kumar in recognition of his work and the Legislators from Maple Ridge, Mark Dalton appreciated his courage and foresight for the initiative that has ushered in a silent revolution to empower the poor with quality education.

Dalton said, “Despite facing problems, Kumar continued with his big mission and he is still carrying it forward with tremendous zeal.  It is really commendable, as he does it all by himself without any donation from any quarter despite offers of financial help,”

It is indeed a great achievement that until last year, 308 of the his 360 students had made it to IITs and the Discovery Channel has even showcased his work in a documentary. Super 30 also received praise from United States President Obama’s special envoy Hussain, who termed it the “best” institute in the country. Kumar’s Super 30 is also included in the list of four most innovative schools in the world.

Commendable Job! Our country needs more Anand Kumar like this – to shape the future of the students. Great Job in making!

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