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People change with time, some of us who did not take our resolutions seriously might want to do it now, so as the time to bid farewell to 2015 is coming near, we all should start thinking of what resolutions to make for 2016. Here are some of the top resolutions from my kitty, for 2016, that might just help you.

1.Analyse where you stand :- I am sure, you all would have made a long list of resolution last New Year’s Eve, and now you need to analyse how far did you get and how positive have those been in changing you positively.

2.Inculcate healthy habits :- We have been ignoring our health from quite a long time, which will not do us any good in the long run, so including some small healthy habits is definitely needed.

3.Learn new skills :- Some of us want to learn guitar, some of us want to learn a new language and a lot more, but for some or the other reason, it just does not happen. Take this resolution seriously and learn every new skill that you have always wanted to.

4.Fall in love :- Falling in love is the most beautiful thing ever, and most of us keep it aside due to our other responsibilities but love just makes your life better, new year can bring great love life for you, only if you give a chance.

Fall in Love
Fall in Love

5.Positive approach to life :- Dump all the negative thoughts that have been in your mind by the end of this year and promise yourself to have positive outlook to life.

6.Speak your heart out :- Keeping things that hurt you to yourself is not a good idea at all, it just complicate relationships and destroys peace of mind. Promise to speak up whenever you don’t like something, stand up for yourself because that’s how you will free your mind when you just let it out.

7.Pamper yourself once in a while :- Do what you like, what relaxes you and calms you, it is very important to deal with the stressful world we live in.

8.Overcome a fear :- The thing that scared you till 2015, shouldn’t scare you anymore in 2016, so find ways to kill the fear and look beyond.

9.Reading as many books as you can :- Reading is the best thing, it gives us answers to all the questions that arises in our minds, so dedicate the new year to reading and you’ll be a better person by the end of the year.

10.Travel :- Travelling gives you experience, memories.Travel alone or with your loved ones, take a resolution to explore new places and appreciate the beauty of nature.

New Year’s on its way, hope it brings joy and adds meaning to our lives.