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Top 10 Dumbest Celebrity Purchases…Ever!!

Check out the amazing new video by Top Trending listing some of the dumbest celebrity purchases.

Some of the Celebrities listed in the video are :

Beyonce :

While it is to be expected that the pop diva Beyonce always dresses in the latest fashion, the insane amount of money she dropped on a pair of golden leggings is enough to raise some eyebrows. The singer scored the item for $100,000 in year 2007 and wore them to BET awards the same year.

Kim Basinger :

Oscar winning actress Kim Basinger may have made some questionable choices in some of the movie she opted to appearing, but by far her strangest commitment was that of the purchasing of the small Georgia Town, Braselton for reportedly 20 million dollars. After some time she sold it for one million dollars as Braselton failed to produce profit for the Hollywood scarlet.

Check out the awesome video for more dumbest celebrity purchases :