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Trump vs. Clinton : What does the latest polls say?

We are well aware of 2016 US Presidential election and the impact it is going to take on the Indian economy and the World at large! On one side there is over dramatic Donald Trump who promises to ‘Make America Great Again’ by banning Muslims, building a wall b/w Mexico and by some means Dismantling Global terror. And on the other side we have not-so-honorable Hilary Clinton, who has excellent track record of stealing & selling US’s National security data and still managed to bail out free. Quite a close run for US this year.

According to the recent poll this week, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton holds an 8 point lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Data showed Clinton at 50 percent to Trump’s 42 percent, figures that are virtually unchanged since last week’s numbers. In a four-way matchup, Clinton was the choice for 43 percent of voters compared to 38 percent for Trump


  • Clinton with a commanding lead among black voters – 87 percent to 8 percent- and Hispanic voters – 73 percent to 22 percent.
  • Asian Americans support for the former Secretary of State is at 66 percent to Trump’s 23 percent.
  • Among white voters, 50 percent said they planned on voting for Trump as compared to 41 percent who chose Clinton.
  • Trump is ahead among male voters 49 percent to 43 percent but Clinton is the preferred candidate among women, 56 percent to 35 percent.

By far the biggest potential game changer, however, are the “presidential debates”. Conventional wisdom says Hillary Clinton will use her superior command of the facts and her ability to namedrop world leaders to run circles around Trump. But conventional wisdom can often be wrong!

The Commission on Presidential Debates are announced to be on Sept. 23, 2015, the schedule for three 2016 presidential debates and one vice presidential.

And the U.S. presidential election will take place on November 8, 2016.

So it is ultimately for the people of United States to decide whom do they support more?