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U.S. Bombed Kunduz Hospital “By Mistake”

It has been confirmed that a US gunship attacked a Medecins Sans Frontières (MSF) clinic in the Afghan city of Kunduz because of “human error”. As per the inquiry by US military, the crew of the gunship (AC-130) mistook the clinic for a nearby government building that had been captured by Taliban fighters. – this an incident of real ‘misfortune’.

The attack  was conducted on 3rd October 2015, in a city in Northern Afghanistan.

At least 30 people, including MSF staff, were killed in that early morning attack. The attack was launched during a expedition to retake Kunduz from Taliban militants. The aircraft fired 211 shells at the MSF compound over 25 minutes, the US military told.

MSF officials informed that the inquiry report demonstrates “gross negligence” by the US military.  Dozens were injured and the hospital was severely damaged, infact the “international  humanitarian rights” have been violated.

Initially, the US forces claimed that they struck the hospital because it had come under fire in the region but later on accepted that the strike was a mistake and launched an investigation.

On Wednesday 25 November 2015, the US commander in Afghanistan, Gen John Campbell, said that the investigation had found that the attack on the hospital was “the direct result of avoidable human error, compounded by process and equipment failures”.

Here is the video by General John Campbell, U.S. Commander in Afghanistan, capturing his reaction on the incident:

Source : BBC