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This is how The US celebrates Independence Day!

The biggest day in the U.S. calendar year – Independence Day – marks the day it secured independence from the British Empire, after the Revolutionary War in 1776. It falls on the the 4th of July every year. The most interesting part of the celebrations is the way American families comes together and spend quality time, while enjoying great music & fireworks organized at different public/picnic spots.

Like every year, even this year the country celebrated its Independence from the Britishers with parades, baking contests and family picnics supported with super-tight security in the shades or red, white and blue. As a matter of fact, the police department’s presence at this holiday was boosted by nearly 2,000 new officers just 2 days after they graduated from the New York City Police Academy.

The celebrations took place in every state. According to Lucie Young, author of the Telegraph Travel city guide to San Francisco:

“The biggest day of celebration in the American calendar is marked with live entertainment, food stalls on the waterfront, and a spectacular fireworks display over San Francisco Bay.”

And this is not just plain fireworks, it is a well-organised display of the celebrations that Americans take pride in. Families gather in the parks and picnic areas from early in the morning to occupy the right spot for the day. People get all there food, drinks, entertainment stuff and tents or sheets to lay down upon.


Kids get busy playing and elderly folks get to talk and spend memorable time with the family. In the evening, the fireworks mark unique shapes and colors on the canvas of the dark sky. The spectacular view is blown up by the live music played by orchestra. This ceremony lasts for 1/2 hr to 1 hr. and this marks the celebration of American Independence.

Though this kind of fireworks is very common in India on occasions such as Diwali, Dussehra and weddings however watching an organised firework display with the backdrop of live music has its own charm.

Take a look:

I wish if we can also have such celebration back in India at India Gate or Gateway of India or major public places; with quality family time, organised fireworks and other art/cultural programs.

Source: CBSNews