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Video : 10 People Who Just Wouldn’t Die

History has proved that some people are harder to kill than others. Some can even survive multiple gunshot wounds, being mauled by a bear or being dropped down a 70-story elevator shaft.

AllTime10s in another amazing video lists 10 people who simply refused to die without a fight and overcame ridiculous odds to survive life-threatening situations.


For more, check out the video listing 10 people that just wouldn’t Die :

Some of the people listed in the video includes:

Fidel Castro: He was the socialist dictator of Cuba between 1959 and 2008 and is notoriously difficult to kill. During his 49 years of leadership, there were a staggering 638 failed attempts on Castro’s life, many of which were arranged by the CIA.

Hugh Glass : The survival story of Hugh Glass, explorer and hunter, is legendary. In 1823 Arikara warriors attacked the fur trading expedition that glass was member of. They shot him in the leg, causing the venture to divide along different routes.