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Video: Leopard rampages through Bangalore School; 6 Injured

On Sunday, this eight-year-old male leopard stalked the halls and courtyards of a school in the city of Bangalore for around 14 hours before the forest authorities managed to tranquilize and captured the beast.

Forest officials trying to capture the beast
Forest officials trying to capture the beast

At least six people in  VIBGYOR international high school were reportedly injured while trying to catch the leopard. Reportedly, Sanjay Gubbi (conservation scientist) and Benny Maurius (a forest department employee) were injured in a struggle to corner the wild animal and tranquilize him.

Leopard in School
Leopard in School

The eight-year-old animal was spotted strolling inside the school premises in the Kundalahalli area of the city.

A senior police official, S Boralingaiah, told sources  :

“It was a long struggle to capture the leopard. Although it was injected with tranquilizers it could be captured only around 20.15 local time when the medication took full effect”

Ravi Ralph (chief wildlife officer) told:

“The leopard was caught and caged after a four-hour operation, when it was trapped in a room with one tranquilizer shot through a wire-meshed ventilator”

As  per sources, the leopard possibly strayed into the school from a patch of forest near to the school.

Later, the captured Leopard was moved to a national park and the six injured people, including a camera-person of a TV channel, have been treated for the minor injuries.

Cameraman Rescued after vicious attack
Cameraman Rescued after vicious attack

Shocking video shows the leopard attacking a man near a swimming pool in the Bangalore school:

On Wednesday 10 Feb, more than 100 schools were closed in Bangalore city after the reports from residents of two leopards being spotted near the same private school.

The Forest Department is also on alert with contingent of 40 officials, apart from the local police, is in ‘search’ of traces to affirm the presence of leopards reportedly. However,  no such confirmation was received as per officials although two cages have been placed with baits in ‘sensitive’ areas from where calls of leopard sightings had picked up steam recently.

A recent wildlife census estimated that India has a leopard population of between 12,000 and 14,000.

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