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Wait for another 1,500 years, to meet Aliens ?

When we talk or listen about extraterrestrial aliens something very interesting, exciting, fascinating sort of nostalgia touches our chords of imagination! That’s because nothing concrete has been proven yet, for anyone to predict or say something surely about this mysterious World of immense possibilities.

This nagging dilemma whether aliens exists or not is going on for centuries, still we don’t have definite answers to that. But now an explicitly intriguing study by an astronomer Even Solomonides says that it will take at least another 1500 years for aliens to contact us.

The study further elaborates the signals we have been sending for decades might take a lot of time to reach the other civilizations out of our galaxy ‘Milky Way’, because size of universe is so vast if some sort of advanced life forms exists.

It will take a huge amount of time to reach these encrypted messages to those extraterrestrial civilizations. Even if these messages reached there, they have to be this much advanced to decipher it and in a position to contact us back with some sort of communication so it’s a very complex phenomenon.

That is why by using some calculations Even Solomonides gave this time frame of 1500 years to reach those life forms.

Milky way

Solomonides, a PhD from Cornell University says, “We haven’t heard from Aliens yet, as space is a big place but that doesn’t mean no one is out there. It becomes likely we will have heard around 1500 years from now. Until then it is possible that we appear alone-even if we are not. But if we stop listening or looking, we may miss the signals. So we should keep looking.”

This research has somewhat answered few of the questions raised by Italian Physicist Enrico Fermi in 1950. This is Known as Fermi Paradox.  According to Fermi if there are 200 billion stars in our Galaxy and nearly half of them could have planets like Earth where some life form exists, then how is it possible there is such a deafening silence in the cosmos that nobody is reverting back to us.

But this latest study by Even Solomonides explains that we have been sending signals for last eighty years only. By now the signals have reached about 8500 stars within 80 light years of the Sun. But it is very small number of stars in the Milky way, so by applying the ‘Principle of Mediocrity’ that says there is nothing special about the Earth or its occupants.

The team ruled out in all the likelihood of human beings among the first or last civilizations to develop Radio technology. So in all probability we could start hearing from extraterrestrial life forms once these signals spread half the Milky way and that could take another 1500 years, said the scientist.

Source: Sciencealert.com