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Watch Virat Kohli’s Soft side in this ‘Heartwarming Video’!

Virat Kohli’s name is synonymous with aggression and attacking instinct on the field! But this young lad in his twenties has a very soft and touchy side, which has won many fans all over the world. Keeping intact his on field antics and inspirational game – which is earning praise from all the quarters.

Virat has taken his game to a level where even his fiercest adversaries are not complaining much about these days, they are also enjoying, watching him play and hitting those lustrous hits all over the park with complete disdain.

He has no dearth of fans even in our neighbouring country Pakistan, one such video message for Pakistani Umpire Aleem Dar’s son from Virat Kohli has surfaced which is showing his lighter and humane side which is not visible otherwise on the field because of his power packed persona.

Now here is a video for all Virat Kohli’s fans to really catch a glimpse of their favourite cricketer:

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