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‘Wearable Kidney Device’ could be a Real Possibility! Can replace dialysis

Wearable Artificial Kidney Device is a ray of hope for end stage kidney patients who have to go for dialysis about three times a week. This also restrict their movement and curb their diet during the process. Regular research and development in the field of medical science is opening up new vistas for terminally ill people to make their life much easier.

The current treatment of dialysis for the kidney patients is very rigorous and time-consuming. The patient has to go to stationary machine for the process at least three times a week, it hinders the mobility during that session is going on.

On the contrary, this wearable device would allow the patient to roam freely during the time of dialysis treatment. Longevity and frequency of the sessions of this treatment could be increased with this new age wearable device.

Artificial KIdney
Artificial KIdney Device

To check the suitability and efficacy of this prototype device a trial was conducted with seven patients at University of Washington Medical Centre in Seattle. ‘Victor Gura ’inventor of this wearable artificial kidney prototype was included in that trial also.

The findings of the trial were published in the Journal JCI insights. The trial was done to assess the safety and efficacy of this Prototype device and its ability to perform some functions of failed kidneys. The researchers also wanted to know the expression, experience and impression of the participants about the experimental treatment and their first hand comparison of this new treatment with standard treatment of hemodialysis.

In the patients, studied device was shown to effectively clear the blood of waste products, like urea, creatinine and phosphorus while also removing excess water and salt. They are normally removed by working kidneys.

The usual diet for patients on standard dialysis is highly limited in contrast on the wearable artificial kidney, the patient’s blood electrolyte like sodium and potassium and their blood fluid volume remained balance during the test, even without any diet restrictions. Regulating the volume and composition of body fluid is another job of normal kidneys.

Kidney Device       Source: Reuters
Kidney Device                                 Source: Reuters

The participants did not have any major or serious problems and side effects while undergoing this treatment, the circulatory system which keeps blood moving throughout the body stayed stable in the patients.

However this trial was stopped after the seventh patient due to some technical problems, formation of excessive carbon dioxide gas bubbles in the dialysis solution and intermittent variations in solution and blood flow.

All these technical glitches in the device would need further research and refinement to improve the reliability and viability of this wearable artificial kidney device before any further trials but this trial has certainly paved the way for development of novel dialysis technology in future.

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