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When Education and Technology Comes Together

Gone are the days of boring classroom lectures and rigorous theory based exams. The big generational shift taking place in the student community, will soon make the traditional means of learning completely redundant. The way the current generation lives their life, thinks, engages and spends their time is ever changing.

Tapping onto this change, there are multiple edutech startup’s in the space that offers new ways of grooming students.

CoBELS is one such initiative that taps the high-speed internet connectivity, cloud-based software, advanced analytics capability, and smartphones and tablets – to provide newer education formats.

While sharing her personal experience, the teacher said, “her students are now more attentive in class and do their homework because otherwise they don’t get to play. The games reinforce classroom learning. So instead of merely learning about fractions on paper, the students experiment with the concept online: Pour water in a bucket, fill it to three-fourths, empty the bucket a little, fill some, let the water spill. The games encourage the students to try, make mistakes, and correct themselves.

Even in higher education segment, the edutech initiatives for management students include, IndiaCollegeSearch that helps users to apply at multiple schools, Buddy4Study for scholarships, and Aglasem and EduRev to source and buy study material. Mumbai-based Purple Squirrel facilitates industrial visits to leading companies to give students first hand experience of real-life work environments.

In such a dynamic space, there is always a need to keep yourself updated so keep an eye for such technology platforms that makes our education easier & fun.

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