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Why has India become so ‘Intolerant’?

Lately, ‘Intolerance’ has become the most widespread issue in the country. From writers, poets, essayists  returning their literary prizes to high profile figures like Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and lyricist Gulzar , everyone has been criticizing intolerance significantly.

The killing of famous writer M.M Kalburgi  is the latest of Hindu attacks , which is the main reason for the uprising protests against Intolerance along with the  Dadri lynching case (mob killed a man and injured his son over suspicions they ate beef. )

“We have made a huge thing about meat eating habits . How can food habits be an issue ?” stated Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan. He even stated, “I have respect for the  people returning their awards to protest against  Intolerance”, on occasion of his 50th birthday (2nd November).

And the recent statement by Bollywood’s perfectionist Aamir Khan on leaving the country ignited the industry like wild fire. Khan’s wife Kiran asked him if they should move out of the country as she fears her children’s safety due to the ruffle in the society, past 6-8 months.

To this, Khan faced intense disapproval by his own Bollywood people including Ram Gopal Varma, Paresh Rawal and Anupam Kher. He was even attacked by filmmaker and social activists Ashoke Pandit:

“I am very saddened by Aamir Khan’s statement . If he wants to leave the country , he is free to do so . This country has given him stardom , the country has clapped for him and stood beside him. If this country was intolerant then aamir khan would not have been a star.”

On the contrary , actor Raza Murad supported Aamir by saying that he has the right to voice his opinions.

Not only in India , Intolerance  acquired attention in other countries as well , which was evident when a foreign journalist asked Prime Minister Modi about the incidents of growing intolerance  in India, during his maiden visit to London to which he said

“India is a land of Gandhi and Buddha , we are not an intolerant society and our culture does not accept anything that is against the basic social values .”

Modi in London
Modi in London

PM admitted some incidents had taken place but he assured that every single incident in any corner of the nation is taken seriously and there was no room for intolerance in India at all.

“India is a vibrant democracy which under constitution  provides  protection  all  citizens  , their lives and thoughts. We are committed to it”, the PM added.

Sadly, rising intolerance has become a disconsolate situation, over the past 6-8 months, which the country has never seen before.

Source: Times of IndiaIBN