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Windows 10 launched…and here are some tech reviews !

If you’ve used Windows in the last 6 months, chances are you’ve seen that little Windows logo on the bottom right part of your screen indicating your ability to upgrade to Windows 10Microsoft’s new operating system that was released wide to the public on July 29.

Here we have collated a bunch of tech reviews about this brand new operating system:

The Verge handed in their review July 28, stating a positive outlook on the future of Windows operating systems:

If you’re upgrading to Windows 10 on a desktop or laptop PC, then prepare to be delightfully surprised: the Start menu you know and love is back. It feels slightly odd to celebrate its return, as it should never have gone away. It’s probably the biggest change, aside from the dark theme, that you’ll notice after Windows 8. But Microsoft hasn’t simply just reinstated the old version from Windows 7. Instead, it’s completely redesigned it in a way that combines the best aspects of the last two versions of Windows.

The Wall Street Journal also released their review, but maybe suggested that the fresh ideas in Windows 10 might be a little too late for those looking to fix the damage made by Windows 8:

Windows is actually useful again—assuming you still rely on a PC. These days we’re spending more of our time on smartphones and Web browsers, and it’s Microsoft’s burden to keep evolving Windows to stay relevant to that reality.

Alas, Windows 10 also misses opportunities to tip things in its favor. Its idea of Internet savvy is shoehorning in lots of new ways to get you to use Bing, Microsoft’s unpopular search engine.

And finally, Wired’s review was positive as well, and the return to form from Windows was welcome and missed:

The subtle, remarkable feat of Windows 10 is that it manages to introduce equally powerful new ideas without being so overbearing. If you upgrade your laptop from Windows 7 and steadfastly refuse to use any of the new features, the new OS will feel mostly like an aesthetic makeover. The design is cleaner and flatter, with heavier contrast between icons and backgrounds and a slightly darker overall look. It’s more consistent, too, as if Microsoft’s designers finally made it deep into the menus. But it’s the same Windows you’ve always known. Start Menu and everything.

And an interesting note from howtogeek:

We recommend you don’t upgrade immediately. The free Windows 10 upgrade offer lasts an entire year. Now that Windows 10 is beginning to roll out, sit on the sidelines for a bit and see what other users report after upgrading. If there are widespread issues — or issues on your particular model of laptop, for example — you can avoid them. At the very least, wait a few weeks to see what the general experience of people upgrading to Windows 10 is before taking that leap.

So, take your call! Overall, I think most of the reviews have been positive, and I think I’m pretty excited for the new system. Hopefully Windows 10 can come back in and win some people back to their side.

For the consumers back in India, the wait for Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-activated digital assisstant in Windows 10 – will be a little longer. According to Microsoft India Director (Windows Business Group) Vineet Durani:

“People can use the virtual assistant to find data, track information, set reminders, etc. Cortana is not just an assistant. It understands the context and answers accordingly. It is not just about understanding accents. So, there is a strong localisation that needs to be done and therefore the company has held back from launching the Siri rival in India.

But what do you guys think: are you excited for a new Windows OS? Let us know below!

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