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Wipro to Replace 3,000 Engineers by Artificial Intelligence Tool, “Holmes”

Artificial intelligence is normally associated with advancement of Technology to understand the complexities of various tasks beyond the realms of coding and programming. It is very core nature of all human beings that in quest of extracting more and more from everything we explore something which is surprising and enterprising in itself. Artificial intelligence is one of those things.

Since last few months we are listening about the benefits of artificial intelligence but it is a paradoxical thing. If reports are to be believed the future of 3,000 software engineers is uncertain because their workload would be transferred to an artificial intelligence tool at Wipro to do those cyclical maintenance works of software management.

According to mint’s Varun Sood Wipro, is all set to use “Holmes”, an artificial intelligence wizard to automate certain projects and this in turn, will free up 3,000 engineers from “mundane” software maintenance jobs.

This move would cut the costs by approximately $46.5 million and hence increase the profitability in the harrowing times for outsourcing companies who are already under pressure to perform because of uncertain business environment, due to global economic slowdown.

Wipro is already planning to sell this artificial intelligence product to its new and existing customers this year to earn between $60 million to $70 million as per the report. The CEO Abidali Neemuchwala, has set his eyes on an ambitious target of more than tripling its revenue growth to 12-14% of fiscal 2017 for Wipro.

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“Hyper automation is one of the six themes Abidali has outlined. We will move out 1300 engineers on site (fixed prized contracts) and about 2000 people from off site this year”, said an executive briefed about the development to mint.

In this age of automation and cloud computing nobody wants to be left behind in the race of exponential growth and increasing profitability so the rivals of Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services Limited and Infosys Limited also banking on their intelligent platforms Ignio and Mana to stay ahead.

Looking at the current proceedings we can say that a major overhaul is expected in all the information Technology (IT) Sector in near future due to emergence of automation as a substitute for manpower but there is still window of opportunity because a lot of research and development work would be required to match the requirements of their elite clientage. For that also, one would again need super specialized human mind to conquer the heights of technology.

Source: The Huffington Post.