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Is it wise to ask Proof for the “Surgical Strikes”?

The atmosphere Post Surgical Strikes by Indian Army was quite ecstatic and relieving in India, all the Indians felt as if their Pride has been restored after that terrorist attack at Uri Base Camp where our 17 soldiers were martyred. The  whole country was in state of grief, shock and anger.

After this Attack on our Forces all the India was unanimous on one point that It is high time that our higher authorities should take some concrete and decisive action to counter the Proxy war of our erstwhile neighbouring state Pakistan. The Government Of India read the pulse of the Nation and gave the nod for Surgical Strikes to Indian Army which they implemented with utmost Precision.

We have been at the receiving end of Undeclared Proxy War for over two and a half decades by State of Pakistan. The Indian Government ably led by our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and equally well supported by Indian National Army did the unthinkable by conducting super efficient surgical strikes to dismantle at least seven major terrorists camp across the line of control and inflicted a very heavy damage to perpetrators these heinous crimes.


Apart from this few liberals and intellectuals within the country are asking for Proof of those surgical strikes. They are the People who either don’t understand the rationale of this crab talk or they are doing it purposely to dent the morale of Indian Army and Government. They are also Providing Fodder to false propaganda of Pakistan who is looking for escape routes to come out of this embarrassing situation.

Do watch this video shared by Akshay Kumar, in which the actor opens up his heart on the issue.

Akshay Kumar’s Strong Message To People Playing Politics Over Surgical Strike:

We have to guard against these kind of people who are doing all these things just to garner some cheap publicity. In this exercise of self promotion they are insulting our country and sacrifices of our soldiers. In their deliberate ignorance they are demanding video evidence of such a sensitive footage which could reveal strategically secretive operational information. 

This could also hamper our any such endeavour in near future and jeopardize the security of our para troopers. I hope sanity prevails in coming days so all these kind of people who are asking for these evidences can understand the logic behind not publicising the video tapes of these Surgical Strikes for general public.