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Women Pilots in Indian Air Force, becomes true!

In June 2016, the First batch of women fighter pilots of the Indian Air Force will be officially inducted. The insistence to induct women as fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force has finally seen the sun.

According to Chief Marshal Arup Raha, “We inducted women as pilots in 1991, but on only helicopter and transport (planes). I must thank the Defence Minister for having approved the IAF’s proposal to induct women as fighter pilots. Very soon…on June 18, the Air Force will get women fighter pilots.”

This means that the women fighters will enter the cockpits of IAF jets and the first batch of three women fighters will be inducted into the combat role very soon.

“As of now three women trainees have volunteered to join the fighter stream. They are in the second phase of their training. Once they complete their training…they are on par with their male colleagues and the passing out parade is scheduled on June 18,” Raha said at the event which was attended by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.

Women_Fighter Pilot
Women_Fighter Pilot

One of the three selected trainees, Bhawana Kanth, it was a childhood dream to be a fighter pilot, something only boys were expected to aspire to be. At least that was the stereotype has been.

Second, Mohana Singh, comes from an Air Force family. Her father and grandfather both served in the Indian Air Force.

Third, Avani Chaturvedi from Rewa in Madhya Pradesh says it’s no different being a woman fighter pilot. The challenges are exactly the same for both sexes.

We are very proud of these young Indian women! Wish this trio all the very best.

Source: Indian Express