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Women quit their jobs in Seattle to serve Indian food!

Shama Joshi and Seema Pai are the two young ladies who left their cushy jobs to pursue their passion of cooking and to represent the “ridiculous diversity” of India.

Their outlet named ‘The Roll OK Please’ will be spotted as a food truck in Seattle.

Joshi is a former Microsoft worker whereas her fiend Pai, was a professor in Boston. After Joshi decided she had lost her passion for the software world, her friend Pai also left her job as an assistant professor of marketing at Boston University to join her in a new career.

Roll OK
Roll OK

Their specialty of Kathi (or Kati) rolls involves grilling rounds of roti flatbread coated with a beaten egg, then stuffing them with fillings, from spicy goat meat to potato-cauliflower curry. Additions like a vibrant, labor-intensive mint chutney or a spicy green chili sauce draw raves.

Pai notes, only “a very small sliver” of Indian cuisine — saag paneers, biryanis — is represented in American restaurants. One of their goals, Pai says, is to represent the “ridiculous diversity” of their homeland.

The journey sounds super fun but not all that easy.

They needed to learn health-department regulations, acquire permits and juggle paperwork to figure out how to scale recipes and keep them consistent. In addition, manning a truck required new hands-on practical skills, from driving to loading propane tanks that outweigh them.

But all worth the risk!

“People came out of the woodwork, saying, ‘I want to get Kathi rolls in Seattle; what can I do to help?’ ” Pai says. “That kind of support makes me think maybe it’s OK we are taking a big risk, because so many people are rooting for us.”

We wish them a good luck!

Source: SeattleFoodTruck