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Worms found in Baba Ramdev Atta Noodles

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev Atta Noodles (‘Patanjali’) has landed in serious trouble within weeks of launch! As per the latest reports ‘Worms were found in a sealed packet of ‘Patanjali’ Atta noodles’ in Jind, Haryana.

The worms were spotted inside a sealed pack by a customer, Vinod Kumar, who purchased it from a Swadeshi store in Narwana.

Vinod Kumar said, “I had gone to purchase half kilogram of ghee from the shop. However, I bought a packet of atta noodles apart from desi ghee and biscuits as I thought the noodles were healthy. When I cooked the noodles the next day, I found dead worms. When I looked inside the packet which still had some noodles left, there were some worms inside as well. I immediately reached the Patanjali outlet to register my complaint about the packet.”

The shopkeeper has accepted that the packet of ‘Patanjali’ Atta noodles was purchased from his store.

The customer is reportedly gearing up to file a lawsuit against ‘Patanjali’ noodles.


However, commenting on the allegations, Ramdev’s spokesman S K Tijarawala said “The reports are baseless and fabricated. No formal complaint has been lodged.”

Earlier, Baba Ramdev faced criticism for the same product when it was claimed that ‘Patanjali’ did not take requisite permission from Food Safety and Regulatory Authority of India (FSSAI) for manufacturing its atta noodles.

Ramdev launched ‘Patanjali’ Atta noodles weeks after Nestle India’s Maggi noodles was banned.

Source: Yahoo India Finance