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Yoga Guru to Business Tycoon – Baba Ramdev

The rise of Ram Krishna Yadav of Haryana as one of the most loved characters popularly known as Baba Ramdev is phenomenal. He not just ‘popularized’ but ‘familiarized’ Yoga to people of India like never before in modern times.

He created an instant connect with people because he linked Yoga to good health instead of stressing upon its spiritual significance. The general public drawn towards it for the sake of their good health.

After creating Yoga Renaissance, he undertook another big task of Revival of Ayurveda as potential alternative to Modern medicines. With his close aide and associate Acharya Bal Krishna, he started mass production of Ayurvedic and food products in his state of the art production units equipped with all modern amenities.

Strict quality control coupled with high production values and consistent marketing resulted in emergence of ‘Brand Patanjali‘ in such a way that in span of few years it started challenging all the established Brands in health care and food Industry.

Here is a glimpse of Yog Yatra that showcases Swami Ramdev in a movie’s official trailer:

Such is the magnanimity of this new business tycoon that Government has to deploy CISF 24*7 security cover at Ram Dev’s food Park in Haridwar (Uttarakhand). Baba Ramdev already has Z plus security cover for himself.

Since last few months Patanjali products relaunched themselves with a grandeur in the market. They are giving sleepless nights to their competitors by bombarding advertisements on various national channels. With ever-growing demand for their products, they’re competing for a bigger market share in coming days.

Source: Indian Express